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New Real Estate Sign And Umbrella!

This is a Multi Product Patent! From Real Estate signs to Umbrellas and Umbrella holders. Wouldn't it be nice to sign a contract to sell a home and put your own sign up on your way out the door! Well now you can! And it's easy to do and looks great too!!

I have just made this prototype. I am looking to sell this Patent now, I am not good at Marketing. I am a Welder and an Artist. I will sell the patent for 150k plus 50 cnets per unit royalty for 3 years. I also have 2 design ideas to give you to patent in your own name. They last 18 years and have no maintenance fees.

Here is more on the Umbrella.. The Real Estate sign can also be used for a large patio Umbrella, the big wooden ones the Hotels use. With this holder you can take your big patio umbrella to your blanket. Easily drive the base into the ground and insert the wooden pole into the holder and simply tight down the thumb screw. Done!

A Patented New Beach Umbrella!!! An Easy Umbrella that you can put up Anywhere!!!

Have you ever tried to put a beach umbrella into the sand? THE RED PART IS A SLIDING HAMMER!!! SIMPLY SLIDE IT UP AND DOWN, AND IT DRIVES THE POLE INTO THE GROUND!! How about your lawn or any grassy area. Well, it's Simple and Fun now! Watch the video I have and look at the pics and Flyers. This also CREATES a new area for Advertising! On the Slide itself. You can also make real estate signs, yard signs, police tape holders, volley ball net poles..etc.

I can put up 7 to 10 of these in the Grass before you can put one in the sand!

Check out the Video: http://youtu.be/DohgGto2lL8

Umbrellas already Sell. This makes it better. . .and it Works! This is also a multi-product patent, other uses are: Real Estate sign, Yard signs, For Sale signs, Police tape holders, and Utility Umbrellas (Road work and Construction sites).

I have manufacturing in place and ready to go. I also do my own prototyping and can offer that to you as well. I'm a welder and a Sculptor in various metals and media. You can see more of my work at WeldedSculpturesByMac.com