Up for auction is a lot of 10 UNITED STATES Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelopes, measuring 9 1/2" x 12 1/2", 20 Hasler Postage Stamps (6.65 each) and book of tracking labels. So you are getting $66.50 worth of postage, the tracking labels and the priority flat rate envelopes.

I can affix the stamps on the envelopes for you or I can give them to you to either use on the priority flat rate envelopes provided or any way you wish.

The tracking labels come in their booklet. This way you can keep track of which label went where.

The Hasler Stamps were printed on a Hasler postage machine and are used as official US postage stamps.

This is a really good deal on discounted postage. You save $$$ off the postage plus you get the envelopes and tracking labels.

Thank you!!